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L.A. SPEAK : Pool Parlance

March 06, 1994|Laura Friedman

ball banger: n . novice player who tries to look experienced by slamming the balls around.

clock: v . to watch a player closely to determine how well he really plays. "I missed a few shots on purpose because I knew that guy was clocking me."

dog: v . to choke. "Gerry plays like God, but he's always dogging the eight-ball."

fish: n . one who regularly loses money gambling.

jam-up: adv. playing well. "That road agent pretended to be a lobster, but I know he really plays jam-up. "

lemon: v . hiding your ability. "That fish will play you all night if you lemon well enough."

lobster: n . someone who can't play very well. Syn. dead man .

on the hill: adj . when a player needs one game to win a set.

park the car: v . to place the cue ball in a certain spot.

road agent: n . a player who travels from town to town playing pool for a living. If he's good, he's called a road warrior.

steering: v . when a local tells a road agent whom to play, usually for a cut of the winnings.

woof: v . to goad someone into playing. "I woofed that lobster for an hour, then took him for $50."

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