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W e get letters. . . . The piece in Calendar accused Arsenio Hall of being a worshipful patsy in having Louis Farrakhan on his show. Rosenberg chose to display throughout his article his own very narrow-minded, negative and prejudiced attitude toward both Hall and Farrakhan and only reinforces the perception that Jews manipulate the news media.

Rosenberg suggests that Farrakhan is guilty of rejecting and obscuring facts. I would suggest that same misguided thought process is like suggesting that Rosenberg is guilty of rejecting and obscuring facts in the murder of 48 Palestinians in the West Bank by not addressing that story in his article or that he is manipulating the news media because he is an American Jew who also writes for the Los Angeles Times.


Huntington Beach


The three-fold weapon of "scapegoat," "anti-Semitism" and "Holocaust" stops any meaningful discussion of how things really are in the United States. The control of the media has allowed the Jews an unfair advantage on all issues pertaining to race. The blacks have and still do suffer indignities that no other group in the U.S. has had to endure. The blacks have defended America in all its recent wars far more in proportion than our Jewish citizens, yet they are unappreciated and scorned.




It's important that people understand the slick tricks used by Farrakhan in his "Arsenio" appearance. Rosenberg missed many of them.

Asked whether he had Jewish friends, Farrakhan said that most inner-city blacks (of which he isn't one) don't have contact with Jews. Then he said he'd had several rabbis to dinner, and dined at their homes, with no friendships resulting. In effect, he told his followers, "You don't know Jews, but I've met some for you, and rejected them. None are worthy of acceptance."

This loving man of God said that even if the Nation of Islam members accused of murdering Malcolm X were guilty, one couldn't judge the whole group by those few. Why then does he talk about Jews as if they all owned slaves today?


North Hollywood


I found the CBS coverage of the Olympic Games excellent, and think that all the CBS employees did a great job. The exception was the pretentious Dan Rather-Connie Chung love-in.

There was also that outrageous 10-minute tribute to Israel and the Mossad, a shocking, discomforting intrusion. One moment, we were enjoying the ski jumping; the next, we were hot on the trail of "Palestinian terrorists," in a triumphal celebration of how the Mossad always gets its man.

The hook to this awful piece of pro-Israel propaganda was a 1973 assassination by a Mossad hit team of an Arab waiter in Lillehammer. It was an affront to Norway and a serious invasion of its national sovereignty. It had no proper place at the 1994 Olympics.


Yorba Linda


CBS covered the games with such unprofessionalism. Am I going to be able to watch another conversation "starring" Rather and Chung, telling the world how wonderful and nice the other is? Nope. Can I believe Chung actually traipsed to Portland the week before Tonya Harding was due to arrive in Norway in order to obtain her "exclusive"? Nope. Does CBS (or anyone for that matter) still think the public waits with baited breath for the next Harding-Nancy Kerrigan episode? Yup . . . I guess.

All participants practice for years to try for the brass ring. They deserved a chance to be seen too. What I strongly objected to were the retrospectives, i.e., Sonja Henie, Brian Boitano et al. These took up time that could have been used for actual competition. I believe that everyone involved with CBS compromised their journalistic integrity to the self-serving sacrificial lamb.




Watching the Olympics in America, to a European, is to watch an American event for all practical purposes. That's all there is. I wanted to scream, "Well, why the hell don't you nuke the rest of the world then so that the Olympics can become an entirely American affair?"


Santa Monica


Concerning the insanity of the excessive, intrusive commercials and their absurd ad-agency reativity," I have made a personal decision to buy no more Campbell's soups, not another Toyota automobile (I have one now that is ready for replacement), and no Chrysler product; nor will I patronize any of the other sponsors of this fiasco.

How stupid they were to think that we'd happily endure their too-frequent and overlong interruptions.




Re the Trumps' tepid response to Digable Planets during the Grammys. The group might as well been the Martian String Quartet. Spokesman Butterfly had just declared the Trumps the enemy . . . and you and me too, I guess.

Remember, he was talking about black unity and said they should stop fighting each other and start fighting the "real enemies"? Or weren't you listening? Donald Trump was listening.

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