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Chain's Leaders Had Successes With Blockbuster, WMX

March 08, 1994|From Associated Press

NAPERVILLE, Ill. — Boston Chicken Inc. Chairman Scott A. Beck represents the second generation of an entrepreneurial group that has built and run some of the most successful companies of the past 25 years.

Most of their roots are in WMX Technologies Inc., formerly Waste Management Inc., a trash-hauling firm based in the Chicago area whose founders included Beck's father, Lawrence.

Six men who either created WMX or helped build it into the world's largest trash hauler went on to become board members of Blockbuster Entertainment Inc., the video chain.

Others involved in either WMX or Blockbuster have launched or fostered the growth of Discovery Zone Inc., a fast-growing indoor playground chain; H2O Plus Inc., a cosmetics chain; Psychemedics Inc., a drug-testing company; and Boston Chicken.

The names and positions of key players:

* A. Clinton Allen: Boston investment banker; Psychemedics vice chairman and investor; Blockbuster director.

* Lawrence Beck: WMX founder; Blockbuster investor and former franchisee; Boston Chicken investor and franchisee.

* Scott A. Beck: Boston Chicken chairman; Blockbuster investor, former franchisee and former director; Discovery Zone investor.

* Dean L. Buntrock: WMX chairman and founder; Blockbuster investor and former franchisee; Boston Chicken investor, director and franchisee; former Discovery Zone franchisee.

* Donald F. Flynn: Discovery Zone chairman; former WMX chief financial officer; Blockbuster founder and director; Boston Chicken investor; H2O Plus director and investor; Psychemedics investor.

* H. Wayne Huizenga: Blockbuster chairman; Boston Chicken investor; Discovery Zone director, franchisee and investor; H2O Plus investor; Psychemedics investor; WMX founder and investor.

* John J. Melk: H2O chairman; Blockbuster founder and director; former Waste Management executive; Discovery Zone investor and director; Psychemedics investor.

* Peer Pedersen: Chicago attorney; Blockbuster investor and former franchisee; Boston Chicken director, investor and franchisee; Discovery Zone director; H2O Plus director; former WMX director.

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