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Sinatra at the Grammys

March 12, 1994

For those of us who remember the skinny kid with the big bow tie of the 1940s and were thrilled by his rendition of "I'll Never Smile Again," Frank Sinatra being cut off in mid-thank you was indeed appalling ("Grammy's Sorry State, Frankly Speaking," March 2).

In addition, the greatest pop singer of this century deserved a classier intro than given by some guy called Bono. (Who is this Bono, anyway? I know he isn't Sonny.) Sinatra should have been introduced by someone with class, like Tony Bennett--or, for that matter, Sonny Bono.



The Grammy show offered the American people an embarrassing look at the current scruffy nature of popular music. The lead singer of one group uttered the F-word during his acceptance speech. Other speeches were bleeped. Even legendary Frank Sinatra seemed bewildered by it all.

How could any thoughtful person watching the show need a better answer to the questions, "What's wrong with the country; what's wrong with our kids?" Here, indeed, was "the talentless entertaining the tasteless." An American tragedy, really.



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