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Olympic Looks Like a Knockout, but Some New Stuff Isn't Grand

March 12, 1994

I was down at the Olympic for the fights this past Saturday. To me, the fights were incidental. I was there to visit an old friend, the Olympic herself. She was a great old dame when I attended the fights regularly and the place was run by a crusty old character named Aileen Eaton.

Aileen Eaton would have been proud of the face lift her baby got. The old place didn't look a day over 30. Unfortunately, the old gal lost a lot of character. She was trying too hard to act like that Fabulous Forum.

It was probably great for the big stars and reporters sitting ringside, but here are a few gripes from the cheap ($50) seats two rows from the back:

The sound system stunk. I couldn't understand anything the announcer said, except maybe, "Let's get ready to rumble!"

Every seat in the house used to be great, except now they ruined a few hundred of them by making us sit behind a column of cables that were going down to the "improved" lighting grid.

Hey, take care of us true fans in the bleachers. The Hollywood stars may provide the glitz, but we'll give the old lady back the character and charisma that she lost.



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