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South Coast's Rep

March 13, 1994

Jan Herman's article "Getting Their Words' Worth" (Feb. 27) quoted me so as to imply that Craig Lucas' play "Prelude to a Kiss" did not sell as a motion picture because "South Coast is happy to stay in its little corner."

To set the record straight, it should be pointed out that other plays such as the Taper's productions of "Children of a Lesser God," "The Shadow Box" and "Angels in America" did not sell until they were subsequently produced in New York, and that has nothing to do with South Coast and quite a lot to do with the low regard producers and studio executives hold for the opinions of Los Angeles theater critics.

I hold South Coast Repertory as one of the finest regional theaters in the country, and I regret any inference my remarks may have given to the contrary because, obviously, South Coast saw merit in "Prelude to a Kiss" before New York or Hollywood did.


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Beverly Hills


Jerry Patch of South Coast Repertory wishes "people would just as soon forget I was born and raised in Burbank." Such repudiation is a disappointment to those of us who still live here, remember him fondly for his remarkable wit and talent and have long been proud and glad of his success.

He might be surprised to discover that some of his old friends who opted to remain have done OK in spite of dwelling in so unpretentious a hometown and who would never think to denigrate the place where he chooses to make a home.



For the record: The story gave an incorrect first name for playwright Donald Margulies, author of the play "Sight Unseen."

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