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No Racism Lurks Behind Move to Control Streets

March 13, 1994

* Re: Control of local city streets ("Bill Would Let Cities Ban Street Vending," Feb. 23).

The city of Anaheim is entitled to control the use of its city streets through ordinance regulation. The bill proposed by state Sen. Rob Hurtt (R-Garden Grove) will return such control to the city.

The city previously found that the actions of street vendors were significantly detrimental to the quiet enjoyment of their community by Anaheim residents. The recent misguided appeals court decision negated this local control action by the Anaheim City Council and required correction.

It is believed improper by Javier Barajas to label the efforts of Hurtt, to maintain local control of a local problem, as a racist action. The action by the City Council was not racist, but based on control of a problem that had adversely impacted many Anaheim residents (who) have been disturbed by the noise, trash and unsanitary conditions attendant to these vendor trucks.

Labeling anyone a racist because they have an honest difference of opinion on the subject of vendor trucks avoids the issue that these trucks have created significant neighborhood problems.

The local control of local streets should be a rightful function of the Anaheim City Council. This is not a racist position.



* I applaud Sen. Hurtt for taking action that may be politically unpopular but is vitally important to the health and well-being of our cities.



* Anaheim street vendor Javier Barajas' cry of racism is so predictable. Why is it that anything a member of a minority community doesn't like is automatically labeled racism?

Calling someone who disagrees with you a racist is a cheap shot, a way to kill debate when you can't come up with a logical argument.

The purpose of state Sen. Hurtt's bill is to give logical municipalities control over the sales of goods on their own streets and to allow citizens to have safe, peaceful residential neighborhoods.

I've had enough of these labels that kill debate. If Mr. Barajas thinks he speaks for everyone of Latino descent, he is seriously mistaken.

How long before the American people realize what is happening? How long before we all stop cowering when attacked like this?



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