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Beilenson Backers Make Their Point

March 13, 1994

* I appreciate The Times' giving so much publicity to Richard Sybert, the most likely challenger of Rep. Anthony Beilenson (D-Woodland Hills). And now you report that the Cable News Network has joined the fight against Beilenson as well (Political Briefing, March 4). Good!

Beilenson is dangerous in that he is not controlled by any special interests and will not accept funds from political action committees. If he keeps winning elections to Congress with no obligation to anyone other than his constituents and his conscience, it could set a dangerous precedent.

He is the only one from California in either house of Congress to behave in this un-American manner. Lets get rid of him before other politicians think they can be elected without special-interest money.


Studio City

* I was truly alarmed to learn that Rich Sybert, a former aide to Gov. Pete Wilson, ranks a startling No. 1 in the nation in using his own money to win a congressional seat (California's 24th).

I find the buying of an election both offensive and an abuse of our unique constitutional freedoms.

It would take a rich lawyer to forget those sacred words, "a republic of the people."


Woodland Hills

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