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A summary of selected City Hall actions this past week affecting Central Los Angeles. : CITY COUNCIL


* POLICE STATION: Approved a motion authorizing the city to spend $1.2 million for a parcel at 6100 S. St. Andrews Place to temporarily house the 77th Street Police Division while a new police station is built on the present site at 77th Street between Broadway and Main Street. Modular buildings will be constructed at the St. Andrews Place site. Construction on the new facility is scheduled to begin late this year and is expected to be completed in early 1997.

* POLICE RECRUITING: Received a report on the Police Department's continuing efforts to diversify the makeup of its ranks. According to the report, 158 applicants were accepted to the Police Academy for training between Oct. 1 through Dec. 31, 1993, of whom 38.5% were Latino, 36.7% white, 14.6% black, 7% Asian and 3.2% Filipino. The report also noted that 32.3% were women.

* SEXUAL HARASSMENT: Approved a motion that instructs the city's Personnel Department, operating with legal advice from the city attorney's office, to conduct audits of every city department to determine the number, if any, of sexual harassment incidents.

* SOCCER MURAL: Approved a motion requesting the Department of Building and Safety to authorize the installation of a mural at 845 Figueroa St. celebrating the 1994 World Cup Soccer Championship. The mural will be painted by Michael Schnorr, who has done several murals in the Downtown area.

* STREET CLOSURE--Approved the closure of Chicago Street, between 4th and 6th streets, from noon to midnight from May 26 through May 30 due to the large crowds expected at St. Mary's Catholic Church's annual carnival. * HISTORIC-CULTURAL MONUMENTS: Approved a request by the Cultural Heritage Commission to place the following sites on the list of Historic-Cultural Monuments: the Denker Estate at 3820 West Adams Blvd., the Brooklyn Avenue Neighborhood Corridor between Cummings Street and Mott Street, and the Philosophical Research Society at 3910 Los Feliz Blvd.


How South-Central and Eastside City Council representatives voted on selected issues.

* EVICTION MORATORIUM: Extended a city ordinance that makes it illegal to cancel a tenant's lease or rent for a residence that is undergoing repairs for earthquake damage. The ordinance applies to housing that has been declared uninhabitable by the Department of Building and Safety as a result of the Northridge earthquake. The original ordinance had expired Feb. 28. Passed 13-0. Voting yes: Richard Alatorre, Jackie Goldberg, Mike Hernandez, Nate Holden, Mark Ridley-Thomas, Rita Walters. Absent: Rudy Svorinich Jr.

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