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Use of Tax Monies Disputed

March 15, 1994

I read with interest that the Board of Supervisors will direct the majority of Proposition 172 monies toward law enforcement agencies--which is, of course, what we California voters wanted.

However, the allocations made by our Board of Supervisors go strictly to county agencies; my concern is their denial of funds to city police departments. The cities that do not contract for police services with the county maintain their own police forces, and I feel some of the Proposition 172 funds should be allocated to those cities.

When I voted in favor of the measure, I was voting for more police funding for all citizens of our county--not just for citizens who live in unincorporated areas or who live in cities where the county sheriff provides contracted police services. I do not think I was alone in this appraisal of the ballot measure.

Won't any Proposition 172 monies be allocated to my city's Police Department?




The voters passed the half-cent sales tax in large part because of the October fires. Large areas of Los Angeles and Ventura counties were burning. Our firefighters were working heroically to contain the fires.

And the TV commercials in favor of 172 were changed to show the work of the firefighters and the need to increase personnel and equipment.

In Ventura County, the Sheriff's Department and the district attorney will get the bulk of the money. They need all the financial help they can get.

But not one dime is going to the Ventura County Fire Department. This is outrageous and fraudulent.


Simi Valley


As a member of the Citizens Advisory Board on the county Fire Department, I was deeply angered to read Supervisor John K. Flynn's comments about the citizens' panel being a "puppet of" and a "rubber stamp" for the Fire Department.

I don't recall seeing Supervisor Flynn at any of our meetings. If he had attended, he would see all members participating and having spirited debates over the issues concerning the Fire Department and its future. It has been clear that there are areas in which the Fire Department can improve its service, and the committee has been willing to make those recommendations.

Perhaps Mr. Flynn has had a representative in attendance at all the meetings. If that is the case, then I am dismayed that the representative would describe the proceedings as "rubber-stamping" because that has clearly not been the case.


Thousand Oaks

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