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Menendez Trial

March 17, 1994

Having served on two juries for $5 a day, 15 cents a mile (one way) and the thanks of the judge, I find it amusing that Leslie Abramson, who has already earned a national reputation and been paid $740,000 to defend Erik Menendez, now asks the court to approve taxpayer funding for the second trial or remove her from the case because she "cannot afford to go bankrupt."

Kudos to Judge Cecil Mills for refusing the outrageous request.


Los Angeles

* Judge Mills was wrong. He should have allowed the use of public funds to pay Abramson so she can continue to act as Erik Menendez's defense counsel.

The district attorney's office bungled the first trial. The Menendez brothers should have been set free because of the verdicts. The court declined to do this and vowed the boys would have to undergo a second trial.

Well, the county should pay for it if they wish to continue the circus. If they truly want to save the taxpayers' money, the case should be retired immediately.


Sherman Oaks

* I do not want to help pay Erik Menendez's court-appointed attorney. I think one hung jury is sufficient.

I do not think that they are a menace to society. Our tax money should be spent on career criminals, not these guys. They have already been punished more than a lot of really bad guys.


Westlake Village

* Are we now to believe that it was all just for the TV cameras and a major legal fee? Money was Abramson's motivation? She should defend the guy in his retrial based on her principles.



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