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March 17, 1994

OC High asks: What dating tip would you offer the opposite sex?

"Girls should split the bill because I don't get an allowance and I'm not allowed to get a job."

Ricky Kim, 17

junior, Villa Park

"Don't slobber when you kiss."

Tricia Kidder, 15

sophomore, Irvine

"Guys: Take a shower and chew minty gum before ringing the doorbell."

Maredith Clack, 17

junior, Westminster

"It's not wrong for the girl to make the first move, and it is sometimes preferred. Also, be assertive, not aggressive.

Cory Blue, 17

junior, University

"Guys should ask girls out. It's always the girls that have to take the initiative."

Lynnae Stoehr

senior, Mission Viejo

"Don't tell us about all your old girlfriends. And pay more attention to your date than the other girls walking by."

Vanessa Brown, 16

junior, Esperanza

"Don't be self-conscious, nervous and be sure to spoil us . . . we love it!"

Stacy Bengtson, 17

senior, Fountain Valley

"Don't be egotistical. Guys like to talk about themselves too much."

Jamie Morre, 16

junior, Loara

"Girls should be more forward in asking a guy out. I've been asked out by a girl once."

Peter Le, 17

senior, Ocean View

"The guys should always make the first move."

Royanne Carrozza, 17

senior, Mater Dei

"Stay out of it--join the convent."

Bach Vu, 16

junior, Santiago

"Guys should be polite. I love it when guys open doors for me and act like gentlemen in nice restaurants. Flowers at the beginning of the date also add a romantic, sophisticated touch."

Jamie Saul, 16

junior, Villa Park

"Don't be afraid of being too aggressive; guys like that."

John McLaughlin, 16

sophomore, Kennedy

"Don't ever talk about past relationships and don't give any type of statistics about other dates. And if you like your date, show how you feel."

Bryan Morris, 16

junior, Los Amigos

"Keep your defenses up and don't let guys get the best of you, no matter what they offer."

Clinton Mosley, 16

sophomore, Westminster

"Girls, take the initiative."

James Wade, 18

senior, Cypress

"Be honest with the girl."

Sharon Lee, 17

junior, El Dorado

"Women should be more assertive when deciding on the activity of the date."

Jason Drews, 18

senior, Corona del Mar

"Don't act like Mr. Macho Hero Stud."

Bree Jeanette, 16

junior, Capistrano Valley

"Don't act like a leech on your girlfriend's leg."

Ashely Middleton, 17

senior, Los Alamitos

"Always bring a flower, like a rose, at least on the first date. I think that's touching."

Shannon Warner, 16

junior, El Modena

"Let the guy open the door for you, be friendly, open up conversation and don't lead someone on."

Ali Nader, 16

junior, Trabuco Hills

"He should always be prepared to pay for the date and plan something fun. However, I do believe in (sharing expenses sometimes)."

Shannon Breazeale, 16

junior, Brea Olinda

"Women want to be treated equal in this world, so let them open all the doors and pay the bills. Feel free to talk about whatever you like, but remember that at the end of the night, women like to be romanced."

Caroline Monahan, 17

senior, Ocean View

"Don't talk about your old boyfriend or other guys while on the date."

Jason Altunian, 17

junior, Huntington Beach

"Tell them what you really think, be straightforward and don't lead them on."

Bill Errico, 16

junior, Mater Dei

"Never lie on a first date."

Mike Stanley, 16

junior, Esperanza

"Don't ever end a day mad."

Jen Leialoha, 17

senior, Fountain Valley

"Be decisive."

Rob Roy, 17

senior, Capistrano Valley

"I think he should be a gentleman. He should talk to you and not try to hide his feelings--be open."

Sharon Myung, 14

freshman, Loara

"You expect me to know?

William Chen, 15

sophomore, Los Alamitos

"Show respect."

Andrea Peralta, 16

sophomore, Los Amigos

"Guys, don't be so afraid to ask a girl out. Even if it is just to go out and have fun. Most girls hate to ask guys out and would rather stay at home alone than ask a guy out. So, guys, go out there and ask away because your girl admirer will never ask you out, no matter how much she likes you."

Rebecca Allen, 16

sophomore, Corona del Mar

"Be original and be yourself--you don't want the girl to find out you're a jerk on the second date."

Lauri Jordan, 17

senior, Brea Olinda

"Don't wait for the guy to always open your car door."

Jared Johnson, 18

senior, El Dorado

"Women like to be treated like ladies. Open the door for her, bring her flowers and maybe once in a while buy her dinner. It seems many guys have forgotten what's really classy and romantic."

Jamie Rudolph, 16

junior, Huntington Beach

"Be yourself. A guy will like who you are, not who you try to be."

Joel Goodyear, 17

senior, Kennedy

"Guys, take a chance with a girl you like because she might like you also. You both could miss out if you don't."

Courtney Ellis, 15

sophomore, Cypress

"Don't go out.

Tim Chiu, 18

senior, Marina

Responses gathered by Julie Brighton, Esperanza; Tricia Michels, Fountain Valley; Eve Winnick, Loara; Luke Fenchell, University; Leeza Duong, Santiago; Cherie Chan, Marina; Koreen Kalie, Westminster; Joslin Gemsch, Capistrano Valley; Michelle Pham, Trabuco Hills; Amanda Garcia, El Modena; Catherine Rickard, Kennedy; Amber Pierce, Los Alamitos; Laurel Gorman, Mission Viejo; Judy Tsai, Huntington Beach; Alison Koodrich, Ocean View; Kiran Jain, El Dorado; Courtney Adams, Corona del Mar; Joe Sherbanee, Mater Dei; Jennifer Tobkin, Villa Park; Robert Wenzel, Irvine; Linda Dao, Los Amigos; Hallie Kim, Brea Olinda; Tori Clive, Cypress.

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