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Tips on Safety for Home Work

March 17, 1994|CONNIE KOENENN

For people unaccustomed to doing their own home repairs, maintenance or remodeling, "The Reader's Digest Book of Skills and Tools" offers safety advice:

* Make sure you have safety equipment--such as goggles, earplugs and dust masks--appropriate for the task.

* Don't wear gloves when handling tools that require a firm grip. Do wear them when working with rough materials, sharp edges and broken glass and when cleaning up after a project.

* If a cutting tool stalls because of an impediment, switch off the power and unplug the tool before trying to remove the impediment.

* If you set up a ladder or scaffold in front of a door, lock or bar the door.

* When using a ladder, climb only as high as the third step from the top; never stand on the braces, extension arms or paint shelf.

* When soldering, remember that lead solder is toxic. The work area should be ventilated.

* Always wear eye protection when working with metal to prevent injury from splinters; also wear heavy gloves and long sleeves to protect against sharp edges.

* Install a fire extinguisher and smoke alarms in your work area.

* When working with tools, don't wear sandals, open-toe or canvas shoes, and avoid loose-fitting clothing, which could become entangled in a power tool and cause serious injury.

* Don't leave tools, hardware or building materials lying around when not in use. They're an invitation to an accident, especially if you have children.

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