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OC HIGH / STUDENT NEWS & VIEWS : Bungee Jump Requires $10 and a Leap of Faith

March 17, 1994|Amy Suarez, senior\f7 Troy High School

OK, OK. I admit I didn't do it. But three of my friends did, and they had a blast.

What am I talking about?

Bungee jumping, of course.

At Fiesta Village (just off Interstate 10 near Riverside) there is 75-foot-high tower from which you can throw yourself an equivalent of 7 1/2 stories in about two seconds. It will make "you feel like you're going to throw up," as one of my friends put it so eloquently.

What's more, it only costs $10 with a student ID. But you must be 18 or have a parent's written consent.

If this sounds a bit risky, mellow out. Each bungee jump employee must take a two-week training course, so they say they know what they're doing when they fit you into that upper and lower harness. And there is a 10-by-20-foot air mattress under the platform. As far as the rumors of sharp jolts? Each of my friends can attest to a smooth jump all the way to the end of the cord. Two of them even forked out another $10 each to jump "one more time."

Still not impressed? The village also offers an 18-hole miniature golf course that costs $4.95 ($2 for replays), race cars, batting cages, an arcade and game room, food and refreshments. A water slide is open from June to September. The brochure boasts that Fiesta Village provides "thrilling adventure and plenty of fun for families, groups and special parties."

Or, of course, for just you and a couple of your friends.

Fiesta Village is at 1405 E. Washington St., Colton. Hours are 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday; 9 a.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday. (909) 824-1111

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