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Faux Pas Report

If You're Really Going to Get Knit-Picky, Start by Loosening Up


The knit sweater-dress is a widely popular outfit, but many women are wearing them a little less smoothly than the sleek models who show them off in catalogues. When cinched incorrectly with a belt, the knit fabric becomes unattractively bunched-up.

"When wearing something like this, you may want to wear a slip that has taffeta, which helps keep the fabric from clinging to your body, which causes the bunching up," says Stephanie Grani of Stephania's in San Juan Capistrano.

Used for years to reduce static cling, taffeta will also help hide panty and bra lines. Also, resist the temptation to pull your sweater-dress down so it doesn't look "blousey." This is also reduced by wearing a slip.

While you may think that cinching a tight belt accentuates the 10 pounds you lost last fall, you'll probably find your dress creeping up from the bottom and pulling down from the top. Try going with a wide, loose-fitting belt or chain that drapes along the hip line.

Hairy defense: Now that the Dallas Cowboys have two consecutive Super Bowl victories, their apparel has overtaken the Raiders' in sales, and--for some unexplained reason--lots of guys are sporting the granite-wave hairstyle of Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson.

"They coat it with gel, then fashion a big wave in front," says hairstylist Peter Garr of Mission Viejo. "It solidifies so that, even in the rain, the water just beads right off and runs down your neck."

If you want to keep up your Jimmy Johnson wave through the off-season, make sure your hair is long enough. Waves that look too short are like skimpy imitations. Also, make sure you change your pillow cases often; dried gel is not pleasant to sleep in.

Linked up: Maybe it's a continuation of the gender-bending trend, but many women have been spotted around town wearing men's cuff links. They range from the subtle gold-plate squares to the more elaborate silver and turquoise.

"It fits in with how people are accessorizing the plain white blouse," says Marge Le Valley of Le Valleys Designer Discounts in Fountain Valley. "Big, bold button covers are in, (those) that fit over the plain white buttons that come with the shirt. If they find some cuff links to go with a blouse, they might use them as well."

If you're ready to wear some links, don't make the same mistake your brother did by wearing grandpa's scratched pair with a company logo. Spring for some nice ones and remember that unless you have cuffs that will work with them, you'll have to sew two holes or have them done.

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