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Getting Furniture in Right Place

March 19, 1994| Associated Press

Here are some ideas to keep in mind as you rearrange furniture in your home:

* To encourage conversation, arrange seating in groups so pieces are no more than eight feet apart. Set the coffee table about 18 inches from the sofa to improve access and make room for knees. Ideally, the coffee table should be the same height as the seat cushions.

* A good location for the TV set is out of the line of traffic, in a wall unit against the wall opposite the main seating area.

* Avoid crowding walkways. Allow at least 30 inches for passageways and 36 inches of clear space in front of doorways and chests of drawers. If possible, allow at least 50 inches between the dining table and the nearest wall or piece of furniture.

* For lighting, lamps generally should be tall enough so the bottom of the shade is 15 to 16 inches above the tabletop. A lampshade should be narrower than the lamp table. Opaque shades concentrate light and are a good choice for task lighting. Translucent shades diffuse light and may subtly make a room look bigger.

* Place the furniture to draw attention to a natural focal point, such as a fireplace or picture window. Large rooms may have more than one focal point; smaller areas can be created with furniture placement and area rugs.

* In the bedroom, position the bed first so it doesn't divide the room visually and is away from drafts. A good arrangement is to center the headboard against the longest wall. For easier bed making, leave at least 30 inches on each side. If you push a single bed lengthwise against the wall, put the bed on casters so you can swing it away from the wall to change sheets.

* Measure the room, then draw a floor plan to scale on graph paper (one square equals one foot). Draw furniture to scale, or better yet, cut out templates so you can move them around. They aren't nearly as heavy as the real thing.


These and additional tips are contained in a free brochure, "Creative Furniture Arranging: Arranging for Comfort," available from the Bombay Co., a furniture retailer. Telephone (800) 829-7789.

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