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Wilson Gets Tax Relief Bill for Wildfire Victims

March 19, 1994|Jerry Gillam | Times Staff Writer

Legislation to provide tax relief to homeowners and businesses that suffered damage in the 1993 Southern California wildfires has been sent to Gov. Pete Wilson for his expected signature into law.

A 30-0 Senate vote was cast on the measure (SB 1234) written by Sen. Marian Bergeson (R-Newport Beach). Wilson asked her to introduce the legislation after a tour of the devastated Laguna Beach region. It passed the Assembly by a 75-0 vote.

The measure applies only to Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura counties.


Floor Action

* Acts of Prostitution: Passed and sent to the Senate on a 62-0 vote a bill (AB 2667) by Assemblywoman Juanita McDonald (D-Carson) to add the cities of Long Beach and Signal Hill to the list of local governments that are authorized to impound automobiles used in encounters with prostitutes.

Committee Action

* 911 Calls: The Public Safety Committee approved a bill (AB 2741) by Assemblyman Sal Cannella (D-Ceres) to charge people with a misdemeanor if they repeatedly make non-emergency telephone calls to 911 operators that tie up phone lines. An 8-0 vote sent the bill to the Ways and Means Committee.

* Ticket Brokers: The Consumer Protection, Governmental Efficiency and Economic Development Committee rejected a bill (AB 2513) by Assemblywoman Debra Bowen (D-Marina del Rey) to increase penalties for ticket brokers who fail to deliver tickets at the agreed prices for events such as the Rose Bowl game and concerts. The vote was 4 to 4 with seven yes votes required for approval. Reconsideration granted.

* Offshore Oil Drilling: The Natural Resources Committee approved a bill (AB 2444) by Assemblyman Jack O'Connell (D-Carpinteria) to prohibit offshore oil drilling in all ocean waters within three miles of the California coast. A 7-5 vote sent the bill to the Ways and Means Committee.

* South Africa: The Ways and Means Committee approved a bill (SB 1285) by Sen. Diane Watson (D-Los Angeles) to repeal a state law prohibiting investment of state trust funds in businesses that operate in South Africa now that apartheid has been abolished. A 19-0 vote sent the bill to the Assembly floor.


Committee Action

* Disaster Insurance: The Insurance Committee approved a bill (SB 1355) by Sen. Art Torres (D-Los Angeles) to require insurance companies to promptly notify policyholders of their benefits in areas where an earthquake, fire or flood cause damage. A 7-0 vote sent the bill to the Appropriations Committee.

* Tobacco Products: The Revenue and Taxation Committee approved a bill (SB 1271) by Sen. Gary K. Hart (D-Santa Barbara) to eliminate the state tax deduction that tobacco companies can claim for product advertising and promotional expenses. A 5-0 vote sent the bill to the Appropriations Committee.

* Secretary of State: The Elections and Reapportionment Committee approved legislation (SCA 35) to make the office of secretary of state nonpartisan. A 4-1 vote sent the bill to the Constitutional Amendments Committee.

Bill Introductions

* Telephone Bills: SB 1998 by Sen. Quentin L. Kopp (I-San Francisco) would require the Public Utilities Commission to order telephone companies to reduce billing minimums from one minute to 10 seconds to lower costs to consumers.

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