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Prince and the Paper

March 20, 1994

I read Chris Willman's story regarding the unreleased soundtrack for James L. Brooks' "I'll Do Anything" and was compelled to write a response ("Some People'll Do Anything to Hear These Songs," Film Clips, Feb. 20).

First, Willman uses a "source with friends at Paisley Park Records" to state that had called our Los Angeles office requesting that all copies of "I'll Do Anything" be destroyed. Why quote a "source with friends" when all he had to do was call either myself or PMK Public Relations, and we would have confirmed that no copies of the tape existed at Paisley Park Records?

Second, the story incorporates a very strong negative quote that is only credited to "one astonished professional songwriter." Is that Willman's description of this person, or can we have his or her name and judge for ourselves?

From the context of the story, I got the impression that Willman never heard the music. Also, these songs were written for a film, not independently, and should be judged from that perspective. The next time he plans to be judge, jury and reporter, he should try to wear each hat objectively and, above all, personally review the evidence.


Vice President, Media Communications and Publicity

Paisley Park Enterprises

Chanhassen, Minn.

Willman and his editors did, in fact, listen to a tape Willman obtained of the songs deleted from the "I'll Do Anything" soundtrack.

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