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The Naked Truth About PC Movement

March 20, 1994

* Pardon me while I rant. . . .

What is our world coming to? I read that due to the complaints of a few businesswomen, the beautiful paintings of women in various stages of undress have been removed from the walls of Newport Beach's Ritz restaurant.

Apparently, said women found these paintings, which were far from pornographic, offensive and degrading, or words to that effect.

The Ritz is a classy restaurant with ambience to spare, and as an art lover I (and, no doubt, thousands of other people) thought the paintings added much to that ambience. The food's not bad, either.

What hath political correctness wrought?

It seems that we've reached the point where the demands, no matter how extreme, of the few have everyone bending over backward, sideways and every other direction, so not to offend these overly sensitive few.

God help us if those same businesswomen ever decide to see the great works of art in Europe. Next thing we'd know, Michelangelo's David would be wearing briefs.



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