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L.A. SPEAK : Flight Attendants

March 20, 1994|Laura A. Galloway

bag drag: n . when a flight attendant takes a trip but never even opens her luggage.

cockpit queen: n . a flight attendant who fraternizes with the pilots. "I couldn't get that cockpit queen to help me with the cart."

death trap: n . an unpleasant route. "If you can avoid it, don't get scheduled for the L.A. to Rio. It's a real death trap. "

fruit and nut run: n. a flight to Los Angeles.

sell one's soul: working more than an 18-hour shift. "I needed the money, so I sold my soul. "

tease trip: n . a flight to a desirable location on a schedule that leaves little or no time to spend there. "We landed in Bali Tuesday night and had to fly back to the States the next morning. It was the biggest tease trip ."

walking the dog: v. wheeling your bags through an airport. "Walking the dog through O'Hare is such a pain. It feels like you're trudging across all of Rhode Island!"

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