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Bradley in Charge

March 20, 1994

During the Arts & Entertainment channel's "Spies" series (week of Feb. 27), an episode was shown telling the story of a Spanish man who was a British double agent against the Germans. I was particularly interested in that portion which told about the "Overlord" deception by the First United States Army Group (FUSAG).

My unit, 507 Q.M. Car Company, was attached to Headquarters, FUSAG, located in Bryanston Square, London. I was a platoon sergeant with the 507th in command of the motor pool that supplied transportation for the FUSAG staff.

The statement by the series' narrator that FUSAG was commanded by Gen. Patton is incorrect. FUSAG was commanded by Lt. Gen. Omar N. Bradley and after the Normandy landing it became the 12th U.S. Army Group under the command of Bradley.

Patton was in command of the 3rd Army.

Wilton L. Du Bane, Canoga Park

Please, More 'Mo'

I'm angry at Fox for canceling "The Mo Show." I think it was one of the most innovative and lighthearted talk shows since Oprah. Mo Gaffney is the most inquisitive, humorous and refreshing host on TV today. I just hope that a syndicate or another network picks her show up.

Mickey Andrens, Encino

Reruns Pleasing on the Eye

My thanks to the "powers that be" for having "Three's Company" (KTTV) and "Hogan's Heroes" (KDOC) on their present stations and time slots. I like the story line, premise and cast of these sitcom reruns and hope they are never canceled.

Wesley U. Taylor, Inglewood

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