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Why Not OK Gay Weddings?

March 20, 1994

I appreciated "State of the Union" (March 6). I also commend Micki and Chris Clark and Daniel Holmes and Kay Wiker for sharing the stories of their love and commitment ceremonies.

It amazes me, the big hubbub over whether or not it's "OK" to let us gays be in love, get married and pursue our dreams. No one has asked for approval, just the same basic rights and privileges that are afforded the straight population.

I too have been fortunate to find someone I deeply love and will share my life with. We had a wedding witnessed by 120 family members and friends. Other than the legal aspect, it's just as binding and probably more emotional than a straight wedding.

I look forward to the day when we finally aren't persecuted for, of all things, our love. When we can also benefit from the legal, tax and insurance benefits of being married.




Re the gay wedding couple who "included Christian passages in the ceremony" and stated, "We believe in God": As a clergyman, I respect their right to worship as they please, but your readers deserve to know this does not comprise Christian faith.


Santa Barbara


In response to your article on legalizing gay marriages, I wish to note that as a happily married (for 39 years) monogamous heterosexual, I am all for monogamous marriage and therefore think we ought to encourage rather than outlaw same-sex marriages between gays and lesbians.

Preventing marriage will not make gays and lesbians stop being gay and lesbian. However, it may discourage monogamy and stability merely to gratify homophobes.



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