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To Those Who Came to Dog's Rescue

March 21, 1994

* Our dog was found seven weeks after the Jan. 17 earthquake, roaming the hills of Sherman Oaks.

Her safe return occurred only because of numerous caring people and their special efforts, and the family would like to express our appreciation:

* To the couple who spotted her living on the San Diego/Ventura Freeway interchange and scoured the neighborhood for a flyer, alerting us.

* To freeway motorists who assisted us in our (unsuccessful) Feb. 19 pursuit, donating a rope and even dog food.

* To the animal shelter volunteers, rescue groups and many kind individuals who responded to ads by phoning advice and encouragement.

* To Westward Ho, Thrifty Drug and other merchants whose posted flyers effected her return.

* And most especially to the family who insured her survival by providing food--three times a day for two weeks for one large, skinny, frightened great Dane mix named Boogie. And had she ever "boogied!"


Sherman Oaks

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