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Michael Huffington

March 22, 1994

I read the article describing the supposed power of Rep. Michael Huffington's money in his quest for a Senate seat (March 13) with mixed feelings of sadness and disgust.

When he first outspent and defeated incumbent Robert Lagomarsino in the 1992 Republican primary, I felt relief. Lagomarsino and his archaic beliefs were thankfully banished from our district by someone who was pro-choice, pro-gay rights and against the powerful PACs that had eaten up Washington.

However, by the time he entered office, he was working under a cloud of scrutiny because of his seemingly bottomless political wallet. He was not heard from often in the district once he had moved to Washington. His major accomplishment, he said (on a visit to a community college) was an electric bus project.

If the people of California are foolish and ignorant enough to vote for a man who has done nothing for this state, what they will get is a reduction from two to one senators representing them on Capitol Hill.



I'm glad that incumbent Sen. Dianne Feinstein, like Michael Huffington, is also a millionaire.

Don't worry about the outcome of this race; either way, we Californians are assured the best U.S. senator that money can buy!


San Gabriel

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