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Partying With Oscar : WOMEN IN FILM : A Night of International Cuisine, Business Cards


The Oscar show's effort to pay more attention to the workers behind the cameras didn't have much impact on the crowd attending the third annual Women in Film's Academy Awards viewing party.

For much of the telecast, guests focused more on the choice of international cuisine--Chinese, Mexican, Italian or American--at the various buffet tables in the Regency Beverly Hills Hotel ballroom.

"Hasn't anyone eaten yet today?" was one remark heard as folks in the food queues used the time to exchange business cards.

"I hope you don't mind if I talk constantly, but I'm used to watching this at home on the sofa in my pajamas, eating popcorn," said Women in Film President Joan Hyler.

For those determined to be serious viewers, the organizers made it easy to see the show.

Minimal table decorations, featuring an array of international flags and a strip of film, kept sight lines clear to the big screens. The goody bags contained a handicapping sheet.

The party's star power wasn't evident until long after the television show had finished. Then a few on-camera faces did drift in.

Party co-chairs Ann-Margret and Roger Smith weren't present.

WIF supporters who were included Janine Turner, Joan Chen, Bruce Davison and Lisa Pelikan, this year's best actress nominee Stockard Channing, Diane Ladd, Michael Lerner and Diane Baker.

Most joined film veterans Shelley Winters, Kathleen Nolan and Leta Grey Chaplin in etching their names in tiles that will decorate a wall of fame at a Women in Film international center.

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