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Tonya Harding

March 24, 1994

Tonya Harding's sentence of probation is a failure. Harding's conduct was wrong, and her plea bargain allows her to avoid responsibility for her actions.

On March 16, Harding said, "I am concerned that to skate at (the World Championships) now would detract from the attention the other athletes in that competition deserve and would not be good, generally, for the sport of figure skating." Wouldn't this statement have been equally true for the Olympics?

An earlier guilty plea would have removed Harding from Olympic competition. Harding should have admitted her wrongdoing prior to then, rather than waiting until now. Instead, she chose to engage in a campaign of bad-faith actions and frivolous tactics that were solely intended to obstruct justice and keep her on the Olympic team.

In light of her guilty plea, it is now clear that Harding's appearance at the Olympics was improper and undeserved. Her utter lack of ethics and denial of personal responsibility reflected poorly on the U.S.


Santa Ana

In addition to the fine, probation and community service, Harding should also be sentenced to seven appearances on "Geraldo," five on "Hard Copy," three on "Current Affair" and a tabloid to be named later.



So it appears that Nancy Kerrigan never was the queen of hearts, as she was portrayed, but rather the queen of diamonds. At least we always knew that Tonya Harding was the queen of clubs.


San Marino

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