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OC HIGH: STUDENT NEWS & VIEWS : OC High asks: What would you do for a million bucks?

March 24, 1994

Responses gathered by Tricia Michels, Fountain Valley; Leeza Duong, Santiago; Luke Fenchel, University; Julie Brighton, Esperanza; Mona Hanouni, Loara; Jessica Ming, Orange Lutheran; Hallie Kim, Brea Olinda; Judy Tsai, Huntington Beach; Joslin Gemsch, Capistrano Valley; Nicole West, Laguna Hills; Christine Monette, Rosary; Laurel Gorman, Mission Viejo; Jennifer Tobkin, Villa Park; Dana Lenetz, Foothill; Alison Koodrich, Ocean View; Linda Dao, Los Amigos; Courtney Adams, Corona del Mar; Kiran Jain, El Dorado; Robert Wenzel, Irvine, and Tina Toochinda, Dana Hills.

"I would pierce my belly button."

Mary Hennessey, 14

freshman, Fountain Valley

"I'd sing karaoke to disco music for an hour."

Sarah Mendonca, 14

freshman, Irvine

"I wouldn't shower for 20 days."

Lillian Hsieh, 17

senior, Laguna Hills

"I'd do anything for a million bucks. I'd do anything for five bucks. It doesn't take much to make me happy."

Ali Hlati

junior, University

"I'd run around in my underwear between classes."

Craig Fujioka, 18

senior, Esperanza

"I'd do anything but work for it."

Mark Swickard, 18

senior, Orange Lutheran

"I would kiss the ugliest guy in the world for five minutes."

Tiffany Abercrombie, 16

junior, Loara

"I would shave my head."

Rhonda Smith, 17

junior, Laguna Hills

"I would golf nonstop in the pouring rain for 10 hours wearing only a Scottish kilt and golf shoes."

John Cone, 17

junior, Los Amigos

"Nothing I wouldn't do for half that amount."

Andres DeLuna, 17

senior, Dana Hills

"I would streak at the airport."

Mike Barton, 19

senior, Orange Lutheran

"I would eat worms and bungee-jump from a parachute. I would even sing and dance in front of the school."

Carolyn Glick, 15

sophomore, Villa Park

"Name it and I'll do it."

Mike Park, 16

junior, Santiago

"What wouldn't I do? That is the question."

Nancy Troia, 16

junior, Capistrano Valley

"I'd do as least as possible."

Scott Davis, 16

junior, Trabuco Hills

"I'd swim in a pool of Cool Whip and lime Jello for an hour."

Amy Fupapinant, 16

junior, Rosary

"Run naked through the streets of L.A. in broad daylight."

Matt Franklin, 17

junior, Foothill

"I'd run across the field naked during the Super Bowl while it was being played."

Steve Ronson, 16

sophomore, Irvine

"I would brush my teeth and drink a gallon of orange juice."

Lance Fujioka, 17

junior, Los Amigos

"I'd do anything."

Steve Gravina, 17

senior, Huntington Beach

"I wouldn't do anything that would contradict my morals because in the end, money isn't as important as being happy with myself."

Emily Forster, 18

senior, Corona del Mar

"I would do a lot of things for a million dollars. The question is . . . to what extent?" Elvis Greer, 16

sophomore, El Dorado

"I would do just about anything for a million bucks. About the only thing I would not do is . . . never mind. I would do anything."

Zac Larson, 17

junior, University

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