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OC HIGH: STUDENT NEWS & VIEWS : Choice About Drugs Is Still Individual's

March 24, 1994

I found your articles on teens and drugs in the Feb. 24 edition to be very accurate and truthful. Rather than showing only negative arguments, the article had real students tell why they do or don't do drugs and how widespread drug use is in Orange County high schools. I myself have never done drugs but have friends who do and have considered trying drugs on occasion.

High school students and young adults will most always respect the opinions of their friends and peers rather than authority figures or anti-drug speakers. I have repeatedly heard from my friends, regarding LSD and marijuana, statements like: "You just have to try it at least once," or "It's not addictive; you can stop whenever you want." I accept these statements much more quickly than any "say-no-to-drugs" slogans because I know the people personally.

I think anti-drug campaigns and such are still needed because they may help persuade some people, and simply hearing nothing from the adult community about the bad side of drugs would almost advocate their use. However, drugs will always be available, and there will always be someone using them.

Like anything, people must decide for themselves whether drugs are for them. Even though we are kids, it is our decision because drugs are available to us.

As for myself, I turn the question over and over in my mind and eventually come to one conclusion. No matter what, I'll just be better off if I never try them.

(Name withheld)


San Clemente High School

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