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Whitewater and the Media

March 25, 1994

* Re "Whitewater: Media Frenzy Unavoidable," news analysis, March 12:

The article on the media frenzy surrounding Whitewater tells us about a "meaningless" note found in Vincent Foster's office after his alleged suicide that led to a Washington Post article speculating that it linked him to a slush fund. We are told that it now appears "it was simply a list of dates the Clintons deposited money in a school account for their daughter, Chelsea." This is the typical press double-standard when it comes to a Democrat in the White House.

Like the Whitewater tax work and whatever else, what was Vincent Foster--part of the office of White House counsel and a highly paid federal employee--doing keeping track of personal financial records of the Clintons? This is, in fact, not an appropriate function for government-paid lawyers and is the kind of thing the Democrats tried to string Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-Tex.) up for.


Santa Monica

* Your concern that ". . . coverage of Whitewater could seriously harm the President only to have it discovered later that there was no criminal wrongdoing" demonstrates your unwavering dedication to journalistic integrity. I recall that throughout the Iran-Contra debacle with special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh, you almost daily voiced a similar concern over the "coverage" effects on Presidents Reagan and Bush. You were vindicated in this pursuit because we all remember the headline culminating Walsh's short and cost-effective investigation: no criminal wrongdoing found.


Twentynine Palms

* Finally a moment of sanity, and responsibility in the "media frenzy" about Whitewater.

And not a moment too soon. Because up to now, every time I turned the TV on and listened to the talking heads, the blabbermouths, the poisoned pens, the dirt merchants and the all-knowing, self-congratulating politicos--all they did was defend themselves for the crisis that they created.

There is no Whitewater crisis. There is a media crisis and Republican crisis. There is a big, serious crisis of cynicism in America. The public is disgusted with the media.


Los Angeles

* Of the following 10 subjects relating to the challenging problems and important reforms we face, list your priorities in order of importance to the United States: health care reform; balancing the budget; the trade deficit with Japan; crime; jobs; Whitewater investigation; education reform; downsizing the federal bureaucracy; welfare reform, and lower taxes.

I have a feeling an honest and truthful listing of most people's priorities would have the Whitewater story in last place and least important. It is unfortunate for all citizens that the news media and the politicians of both parties continue to play the old game of politics instead of getting on with the people's business.


Huntington Beach

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