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Slow Report Keeps Nolan Free an Extra Week


SACRAMENTO — Former Assemblyman Pat Nolan (R-Glendale) has an extra week of freedom before reporting to prison for his 33-month sentence on political corruption charges, thanks to a paperwork delay at the U.S. Bureau of Prisons.

U.S. attorney's office spokeswoman Linda Wodarski said Friday that federal prison officials failed to complete Nolan's probation report in time for him to begin serving his sentence on Monday, the date ordered by U.S. District Judge Edward J. Garcia in Sacramento.

"I don't think it's anything for the U.S. attorney's office to be alarmed about," said Wodarski. "The paperwork just didn't happen in time."

Nolan, 43, pleaded guilty in February to one count of racketeering after a six-year legal battle with federal authorities investigating influence-peddling in the Capitol.

In 1988, Nolan had accepted two checks totaling $10,000 from an undercover FBI agent in a transaction that was secretly captured on videotape and audio recordings.

Although Nolan faced six counts in a federal grand jury indictment, he agreed to plead guilty to just one, admitting in court that he used his office "as a racketeering enterprise" to extort campaign contributions from those who sought legislative favors.

Nolan could not be reached for comment Friday, but was said by a family friend to be relieved he could spend Easter with his wife, Gail, and three small children before reporting to prison.

He is now scheduled to turn himself in April 4.

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