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Boys on the Boat : Cruise Hosts Play Fred Astaire to Solo Women Who Want to Dance the Night Away

March 27, 1994|JUDI DASH | Dash is a free-lance writer based in North Bergen, N.J. and

Royal Cruise Lines; telephone (800) 227-5628. Between six and 10 hosts on all sailings aboard the Royal Odyssey, Crown Odyssey and Golden Odyssey. In May, the Star Odyssey will replace the Golden Odyssey and have hosts aboard all cruises.

Royal Viking Line; tel. (800) 422-8000. Two to six hosts on all cruises aboard the Royal Viking Sun.

Cunard Line Ltd.; tel. (800) 221-4770. Two to 10 hosts aboard the Queen Elizabeth II, Sagafjord and Vistafjord, the higher number on longer cruises and big-band sailings.

Regency Cruises; tel. (800) 388- 5500. Two hosts on seven-day cruises; four hosts on all 14-day cruises.

Delta Queen Steamboat Company; tel. (800) 543-1949. Two hosts on all cruises aboard the Mississippi Queen.

Crystal Cruises; (800) 446-6620 or (310) 785-9300. Four hosts on all cruises aboard the Crystal Harmony.

Holland America Line Westours Inc.; tel. 206/281-3535. Four to six hosts aboard only so-called "grand voyages" lasting more than one month.

American Hawaii Cruises, (800) 765-7000. Starting in May, hosts will sail on selected big-band cruises aboard the SS Constitution and SS Independence.

Other programs: The Merry Widows, a division of AAA Auto Club South that organizes group trips for single women who like to dance, provides hosts for cruises on a variety of ships. Contact the Merry Widows, c/o Phyllis Zeno, AAA Auto Club South, P.O. Box 31087, Tampa, Fla. 33631; tel. (800) 445-1261..

Ballroom Dancers Without Partners organizes cruises for single men and women over 50 interested in ballroom dancing. The group travels with dance instructors who double as hosts. For information, contact Ira Goldberg, Luxury Worldwide Cruises & Tours, 1449 N.W. 15th St., Miami, Fla. 33125; tel. (407) 361-9384.

Travel Companion Exchange, a bimonthly newsletter for single travelers, frequently contains articles about cruises, including information on special sailings with dance partner/hosts aboard. For subscription information, Contact Travel Companion Exchange, P.O. Box 833, Amityville, N.Y. 11701; tel. (516) 454-0880.

To become a host: Lauretta Blake of The Working Vacation books hosts aboard Cunard Line, Regency Cruises, Delta Queen Steamboat Company and American Hawaii Cruises, charging men $150 per cruising week for placements she arranges. (Cruise lines do not charge hosts any fee.) For information, contact The Working Vacation, 4277 Lake Santa Clara Drive, Santa Clara, Calif. 95054; tel. (408) 727-9665..

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