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Mutilation Acquittals

March 29, 1994

* With the recent acquittals of Lorena Bobbitt and now, Aurelia Macias (March 19), in the mutilation of their respective husbands, it seems that we have a new politically correct crime of the hour.

Why not relieve our overburdened judicial system of the task of trying such cases in vain? Let's make castration legal!


Los Angeles

* Today's urban jurors, such as those who found Aurelia Macias innocent of dismembering her husband's sex organs, cannot be trusted to render decisions in a most important criminal justice system. The jurors were unable to listen to simple fact, and to separate that fact from irrelevant drama, hysteria and emotionalism.

The prosecution is just, true and right in retrying this dangerous female for the battery charge.


South Pasadena

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