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RV Resort Purchase

March 29, 1994

I have been a business owner for more than 30 years. I am an RV owner and advocate. It occurs to me that the city of Port Hueneme should consider buying the Hubbard RV resort in Ventura. This may be the perfect opportunity and solution for our county.

No. 1, it's built and permitted. We can buy it for pennies on the dollar and save Port Hueneme $4 million and restore local property values, netting more property tax for our city.

Two, it's smack dab on U. S. 101--a proven Mecca for tourists. How many people do you know outside Ventura County who have ever heard of Port Hueneme?

And, it's by the beach. The fragile marine environment at Hueneme and Ormond Beach would not be sacrificed. Also, it's not next to odor- and noise-producing facilities, nor beachfront residences.

Finally, Hueneme's purchase of the Hubbard RV park would save Ventura's taxpayers money because they won't have to subsidize it.

This is a win-win proposition for Ventura's taxpayers, Port Hueneme's RV advocates and opponents.


Port Hueneme

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