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Los Angeles Zoo

March 30, 1994

* It was good to read that Mayor Richard Riordan and City Council President John Ferraro have made positive moves to improve the conditions at the Los Angeles Zoo (March 23). I hope these improvements will be put into motion with a minimal delay.

Some thoughts came to mind as I read this article: If Director Mark Goldstein cannot get along with the animal keepers and has not earned their respect, if Goldstein cannot make good decisions in the best interests of the animals he is overseeing, and since Goldstein has proven over a two-year period to be a very overpaid underachiever, why keep him as director of our zoo? Couldn't his $120,000 per year salary be better spent?


La Habra

* After the death of the elephant, Hannibal, at the Los Angeles Zoo, a committee was formed to aid Goldstein in the transfer and acquisition of animals. Now the mayor has proposed that an outside management expert be brought in to assist the director in the zoo's master plan

Hasn't the obvious become obvious? Perhaps an expert committee should be formed to find a new zoo director.



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