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THOUSAND OAKS : New Limit Backed for Housing Site

March 30, 1994|MATTHEW MOSK

Thousand Oaks city planners swiftly settled a contradiction between the city's General Plan and efforts to limit construction on 29 acres near Warwick Avenue by recommending a General Plan amendment.

Commissioners voted Monday night for the change in the General Plan, which would reduce the number of homes that could be built on the property from about 20 to about 14, the landowner said.

The decision, which must be approved by the City Council, came despite the developer's contention that limiting construction on the property constituted a partial taking of the land.

"If the city's intent is to downsize the property for the public's benefit, in this case it is clear that you must compensate the property owner," said Kathryn McMenamin-Torres, attorney for property owner John Chang.

McMenamin-Torres said she had not expected the Planning Commission to budge on the General Plan amendment because commissioners unanimously approved a zoning change in September that reduced development on the land.

The property, which has a small reservoir, is near the center of Thousand Oaks, just south of Conejo Community Park.

Despite the zone changes and several previous attempts at developing the land, surveyor Thomas Wolfington said Chang still plans to develop the land.

"We're trying to work with the city," Wolfington said. "It just seems that every few years we see new restrictions. We expect there will be a development there, and it's now up to the City Council to decide if what we have proposed is reasonable."

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