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Oc High: Student News & Views

March 31, 1994

OC High asks: What bugs you most about computers? What do you like best about them?

Responses gathered by Joslin Gemsch, Capistrano Valley; Koreen Kalie, Westminster; Michelle Pham, Trabuco Hills; Linda Dao, Los Amigos; Jessica Ming, Orange Lutheran; Laurel Gorman, Mission Viejo; Kai Wang, Anaheim; Jenifer Tobkin, Villa Park; Judy Tsai, Huntington Beach; Robert Wenzel, Irvine; Presida Brasov, Garden Grove; Eve Winnick, Loara; Amanda Garcia, El Modena; Cherie Chan, Marina; Luke Fenchel, University; Tricia Michels, Fountain Valley; Tori Clive, Cypress.


How do you shop for clothes?

"You don't have to use white-out."

Kevin Puckett, 17

junior, Trabuco Hills

"Computers have too many buttons and commands. They're very complicated. But you can learn a lot from them; they're really smart."

Taeler Pojar, 14

freshman, Westminster

"Hit one wrong button and you are lost forever. But it does save you time sometimes."

John Lisabeth, 18

senior, Mission Viejo

"They know more than I do, but I guess that's good, so when it's necessary, it can think for me."

Keri Schuman, 15

freshman, Sonora

"They are hard to train. They are not always as user-friendly as the computer companies say. They can save you lots of time, though."

Chris Wecklich, 15

sophomore, El Modena

"They confuse some people so much that they never even try to understand them. What I like is you can do just about anything with a computer and a modem--talk to people in other states for the price of a local phone call, order pizza . . . Everything!"

David Otaguro, 17

senior, Marina

"When they malfunction, I lose half of my programs, so I get in a lot of trouble with my parents. The best thing is, if I have a modem I can communicate with almost anyone."

Gavin Lalor, 17

senior, Orange Lutheran

"The fact that most people are afraid of them. They're very useful and have all sorts of possibilities."

Charisa Orwig, 17

senior, Anaheim

"People who don't know anything about computers, but they say they do, bug me."

Andrew Smallman, 17

senior, Villa Park

"I hate that there is so much you have to learn to operate them and how they differ. I like the neat games, and I like to type my essays on them."

Heather Childress, 14

freshman, Sonora

"For beginners it's a nightmare. All the commands, loading, filing, finding all the programs. The good thing is when you get the hang of that, computers are the next best thing to someone doing your homework."

Edward Nguyen, 15

freshman, Loara

"Computers make everything look all neat, but sometimes they get so complicated."

Ahmad Edris, 16

junior, Capistrano Valley

"I think our society depends on computers too much. I believe that we should use them to our advantage but not take advantage of using them."

Ross Magnum, 17

senior, Huntington Beach

"They're hard to understand, but they're better than typewriters, and you can play games on them."

Christi Morrow, 15

sophomore, Westminister

"They don't make as much noise as typewriters."

Julia Murphy, 16

junior, Trabuco Hills

"The thing that bugs me most about computers are engineering errors and the design."

Jeff Cottonaro, 17

senior, Garden Grove

"(Computers) get viruses and erase your English reports. They are a hundred times better than a typewriter because you don't use so much correction fluid."

Mike Higgins, 16

sophomore, Los Amigos

"I can't type, so I have problems with that, but all the information that you can get from computers is good."

Greg Parke, 17

junior, Orange Lutheran

"I think they are too expensive and too complicated. I know there are instruction booklets, but who wants to read a book to learn how to use a computer? I think they are helpful for homework, though."

Toffer Patton, 18

senior, Mission Viejo

"I don't know how to figure them out, so I can't work them very well. They're a great idea, though, because they can help you with schoolwork and reports."

Jackie Maltaby, 17

junior, Irvine

"That I don't know how to use them."

Sarah Shimko, 18

senior, Huntington Beach

"What bugs me most about computers is when manufacturers release programs with bugs in them. It annoys me attempting to use programs that don't even work! Most of the time they do work, and when they do, it's all worth it. Isn't technology grand?"

Sam Hu, 16

sophomore, Fountain Valley

"I like computers because they can be convenient. But after a couple of long stressful hours into the night, I finally finish my five-page report and the next thing you know, my hands accidentally hit a button while reaching for papers for my printer and the whole five-page essay is erased. It drives me up the wall."

Sadaf Ahmed, 15

sophomore, Loara

"What bugs me most about computers is that they take too long to set up, they are hard to use and they become obsolete too quickly. The best part is that you don't have to type many drafts up to get a final draft."

Shadi Rassouli, 17

junior, University

"Speed, because they're slow. (I like) the graphics capabilities."

John Nguyen, 16

sophomore, Anaheim

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