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AUTOMOBILES : Fiero Owners Club's New Headquarters Feature a 2,000-Square-Foot Museum

April 15, 1994|John O'Dell, Times staff writer

The short-lived Pontiac Fiero (General Motors made only 1984 through 1988 models) did not sell well enough to keep Pontiac officials happy, but it sure seems to have made fans of many of its owners.

Pontiac built 375,000 of the mid-engine, two-seat, wedge-shaped sport coupes before discontinuing production. About 2,000 of the people who bought them are paid-up members of the Fiero Owners Club of America--founded in 1983 by enthusiast Phil Huff and headquartered in Orange County.

Lots of automotive nameplates have fan clubs, but Huff has transformed the Fiero club into a going parts and accessories business as well. Club members' $29 annual dues get them a membership, a quarterly magazines and access to Huff's catalogue of Fiero goodies.

And now they've got a Fiero museum as well.

Expansion of the Santa Ana Freeway has forced the club out of its 3,000-square-foot facility in Orange, and Huff has moved to a 7,000-square-foot building near Anaheim Stadium.

The new headquarters of the Fiero Owners Club, at 2165 S. Dupont Drive, Unit 1, Anaheim, include a 2,000-square-foot museum, a picture gallery with 2,500 square feet of wall space covered with Fiero-related photos and advertising art, club offices and magazine production facilities as well as a 3,500-square-foot warehouse that serves Huff's $200,000-a-year parts business.

For the grand opening April 30, the museum will have six cars on display, including a 1984 Fiero Indianapolis 500 pace car with only seven miles on the odometer, a 1988 top-of-the-line Formula Fiero made especially for Huff and signed on the chassis by 350 workers at the plant, and a Fiero from Colorado that has undergone an engine transplant and now sports the 325-horsepower, supercharged Quad 4 engine that Pontiac would have made available if it had kept building the cars.

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