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BODY WATCH : Fees for the Sneeze

May 03, 1994

Springtime is sneezetime for the allergy-prone. Here's what it costs to manage the misery:

* Information from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Los Angeles chapter: Free (213) 937-7859.

* Information from the American Academy of Allergy & Immunology: Free ((800) 822-2762).

* A box of Puff's Plus tissue with soothing lotion: $1.29.

* Chlor-Trimeton allergy tablets, eight-hour formula, pack of 15: $5.45.

* Respro's anti-pollution/anti-pollen mask, Bandit style: $34.95, plus $5 shipping and handling ((800) 473-7776).

* A week in a cabin at Kalaloch Lodge in Washington's Olympic National Park, an area known for low pollen counts and low dust particulates, meals included: $1,000 ((206) 962-2271).

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