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L.A. SPEAK : Art Gallerese

May 08, 1994|Mark Ehrman

Carrie Nation gallery: n . a nonalcoholic reception.

Chippendale Picasso: n . a male artist who earns a solo show because of his bod, not his art.

Last Supper: n . a show that draws only 12 or so people.

list lizard: n . someone who asks to see the price list but has no intention of buying. "Don't count on that list lizard . He's trying to impress his date."

Man Ray's violin: n . an attractive woman; named after Man Ray's photo of a woman's backside painted like a violin. "Forget the art. Check out Man Ray's violin over by the bar."

munchie circuit: n . the free food and booze at gallery openings. "Before I made it big, I just lived off the munchie circuit. "

Norton anthology: n . a group show aimed at a particularly free-spending art collector. Named after the Norton literary anthologies and art patrons and software tycoons Peter and Eileen Norton.

red dot heaven: n . a sellout show. A red dot placed next to the work and on the price list indicates that the piece has been sold.

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