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HEALTH CARE : Exercise Equipment Maker Steps It Up to Healthy Bottom Line

May 17, 1994|James M. Gomez, Times staff writer

Unisen Inc. appears to be climbing the fast track to success.

The Tustin-based maker of health club and home exercise equipment said that the nationwide health craze has pushed sales significantly, thanks in large part to the introduction four months ago of its Star Step stair-climbing machine.

"It's a new record and we anticipate this growth to continue," said Jim McPartland, executive vice president of the privately held company.

And while company officials decline to say just how much money it is making, company spokesman David Jahr said that the company has doubled production to 1,000 units a month in February from 500 units a month in February, 1993.

"There are so many people getting into fitness these days," said Jahr.

That new rush of orders has caused Unisen to increase its payroll from 125 workers to 175 last month, the company said.

The company also manufactures a line of treadmill machines and other cardiovascular exercise equipment, selling them in 55 nations to individuals, health clubs, hotels, high schools and universities.

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