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Damaged Cans Target of County Inquiry

May 28, 1994|FRED ALVAREZ

Ventura County health officials have launched an investigation into the sale of damaged cans of infant formula and are warning the public not to purchase the potentially harmful baby drink.

The health department has received a number of complaints of damaged cans being sold at garage sales and swap meets, or advertised for sale in local newspapers.

The infant formula from those cans may be adulterated and might not be safe for consumption, health officials warn.

Infant formula manufacturers will not guarantee the safety of any product offered for sale by anyone other than reputable retail establishments, officials said.

Any damaged infant formula cans purchased from private parties should be discarded.

Health officials say infant formula cans with the following defects should not be purchased:

* Containers having a bulged end or lid.

* Containers that show visible evidence of leakage.

* Metal containers that are crushed out of shape to the extent that they will not fit in a case, stack on a shelf or cannot be opened with a manual can opener.

Needy families can get vouchers to purchase infant formula from the Ventura County Public Health Department. For information, call 652-5932.

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