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HUNTINGTON BEACH : Pool Rule Only a Matter of Definition

June 06, 1994|BILL BILLITER

Have we got trouble? Right here in Ocean City?

Well, it starts with "P," as in pool, but it doesn't rhyme with "T," as in trouble, city officials said.

Pool and billiard halls are the subject of an ordinance that is scheduled to be introduced today, but City Administrator Michael T. Uberuaga said it's not that they're a problem.

"We don't have any trouble," Uberuaga said. "It's just because the city needed a (legal) definition."

Existing city law governs pool and billiard halls but fails to define them.

The ordinance will define any business with four or more pool or billiard tables as a pool or billiard hall.

Why four? City Atty. Gail C. Hutton, in a memo to the council, said the number four was picked because another city law, governing game arcades, defines them as being any place with more than four commercially operated amusement devices.

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