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A Scofflaw, Not a Gadfly

July 02, 1994

Cathy Curtis' column "Fuzzy Was He" (June 14) misinterpreted my objections to Robbie Conal's recent round of postering.

My complaint was not "primarily directed at Conal's past record as a political gadfly."

Conal is not a gadfly. He is a continued lawbreaker, the point of my objections.

Conal's modus operandi of plastering posters on private and government property without the owner's consent is illegal. The city of Los Angeles billed Conal $1,300 in 1988 to remove a set of posters. It can only be assumed he has escaped further fines because of the stealthy nature of his illegal activities.

In an era when the ever-increasing amount of graffiti is adding to the ugliness of the region and is depressing and distressing longtime residents, we don't needmore individuals contributing to the visual pollution problem, as Conal has.

There are many alternatives open to Conal to legally display his posters, such as buying billboard or bus space. Another option is to contract with owners of construction sites, as film studios and record companies do. If money is a problem, he can seek permission from stores to put his posters in their windows.


Supervisor, 5th District

Los Angeles


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