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Thanks to Those Who Helped in Growing Years

July 03, 1994

* The light on the answering machine was blinking when we arrived home from our daughter's graduation party. The message was from the PTSA president elect. After giving me the information I needed, she chuckled and said, "I'll bet tomorrow you'll be soaking your feet with cucumber slices on your eyeballs. Congratulations for launching the last one onto the horizon!"

That's when it hit me. Then the emotions, reminiscing and gratitude took over. Gratitude, first, to my three children for hanging in there, plugging away and even putting up with some difficult (to be diplomatic) teachers.

And deep gratitude to those educators (certificated and classified) who inspired my children, recognized their potential and demonstrated their belief in those three young people.

To cite them all would take pages and pages, for so many have touched the lives of my children in such meaningful and personal ways.

It is they who have "launched them onto the horizon" by giving them academic knowledge, life skills and a sense of self worth.

So, I say "thank you" with deep gratitude to all the special people who, in one way or another, made a difference. So many of you at Roy 0. Andersen Elementary, Lincoln Middle School, Corona del Mar High School and Monte Vista High School are responsible for shaping their lives and inspiring them to reach their goals.


Corona del Mar

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