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Immigrant Realities

July 06, 1994

Rep. Elton Gallegly's comments in the June 24 Letters to the Editor section demonstrate once again just how out of touch he is with the realities of undocumented immigration.

He claims that immigration "has indeed become a game to the thousands who illegally enter this country every day," adding that getting caught is only "a momentary hassle."

Gallegly also claims that the immigrants put up with this mere "inconvenience" in order to obtain social benefits. The fact is that people come here not for welfare but for jobs.

Anyone who has actually talked to an immigrant family knows only too well what hardship and risk are endured in a border crossing and how terrified immigrants are of apprehension and its consequences.

More like a game, or a scam, is Gallegly's effort to follow in Gov. Pete Wilson's footsteps, score a political touchdown and enhance his career by finding an ethnic scapegoat for our problems. Talk about looking for a convenient and opportunistic solution.




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