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Gambling: Pomona Council's Vote on Policy

July 14, 1994

I stand with those of Pomona and the local communities in opposing the Pomona City Council votes in favor of the changes of law that will allow card clubs gambling.

I support all the reasons the church leaders have given along with the district attorney's office.

I would add my voice in the context of Matthew 5.25 when Jesus speaks of the "least of our brothers and sisters." The targeting of vulnerable people is not what Pomona needs.

Some people point out churches have bingo. It is as if this argument should shut us up. Groups that have bingo are primarily nonprofit groups and churches. I support those who will sign the referendum keeping the ordinances as they have been.

The least we can do as a community is slow the process down so the citizens of Pomona can vote. I call on the community to work to bring respectable jobs to the people of Pomona and business that will bring in money needed for this wonderful community of peoples.


Associate pastor o ur Lady of the Assumption Church


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