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Beeper Blunders : Take a Page From the Discreet When Wearing a Pager


When a guy wears a pager, he usually clips it to his belt. It's not pretty, but where else is he going to put it? Unfortunately, many women have also taken to this trend of wearing a pager on a belt or sticking it out of a pocket, which doesn't lend much to a special outfit.

"The best place for it is on your purse strap," says Stephanie Grani of Stephania in San Juan Capistrano. "Keeping a beeper on your belt brings too much attention to it."

If you've got it on a purse strap, don't clip it just anywhere. Move it down closer to the body of the purse to keep it discreet. And don't be tempted to stick it in a blouse or slacks pocket.

Worn wallets: There are a lot of guys out there with all the right clothes. They look great all the time, except when they have to pay for something. Out comes a beat-up, faded and torn wallet that looks like it was a gift he received when he got his first job at Burger King.

"Even the best wallet only lasts a year or two, especially if it's in your back pocket all the time," says fashion designer Brian Mayne of Mission Viejo. "If yours has become ratty, make sure you hide it well."

Generally, the softer the leather the longer it will wear, because the wallet will conform to the body's shape and won't be unusually stretched. The square "hipster"-style wallet is still popular, but most guys prefer the smaller version that fits easily into jeans pockets.

Getting the boot: It's a rule as old as wind-up timepieces and almost as outdated: Save your boots for fall and winter. In truth, you can wear your boots anytime of year, depending on what else you've got on.

"Wear your lighter, summer clothing with boots," says Liz Menzies of Swept Away Clothes to Go in Irvine. "You don't want to wear anything heavy or woolen; then your boots and the rest of your outfit won't look appropriate."

Try something light, a camisole and prairie skirt, to contrast with the boots. It's a kind of summer statement that says, "Yes, I know it's not a by-the-book style, but it's me."

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