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Banner-Toting Planes Ruin the Day

July 17, 1994

* If Doug Stavoe ("High Flying Messenger," July 4) could lie on the beach on a beautiful sunny day instead of flying above it in his infernally noisy airplane, he would get a better idea of what many of us believe is a strident intrusion and a visual pollution of our blue skies.

Trying for a respite from the noise and congestion of the streets behind us, we walk the shore enjoying the lapping waves, the sea birds, the peace and tranquillity of ocean, sand and sky, when suddenly, a noisy plane buzzes across our view, toting a huge banner. "Buy this, buy that!" it screeches, as it drones back and forth, back and forth. Who cares which product it sells? I'm so annoyed, I'll never buy it.

Aerial advertising along our beautiful coast should be banned. We hate it. Make a buck another way, Mr. Stavoe.


Costa Mesa

* I work six days a week, and I also happen to live near Disneyland. Before switching to the day shift, I worked the graveyard shift, which meant sleeping during the day. The article about the high flying advertising planes (July 4) struck a cord. These planes fly overhead in what sounds like worn-out lawn mowers, "putt-putting" overhead all weekend long. I never in my wildest dream thought I would look forward to returning to another work week each Monday.

Since you wrote business seems to be so good for these entrepreneurs, I pray they will be able to afford to buy an airplane with a quieter engine or find their way to Magic Mountain soon!



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