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CLAS Testing Is Informative

July 17, 1994

* As a freshman honors student at Woodbridge High School in Irvine, I have grown concerned with the rising controversy concerning the CLAS testing.

Parents who think that these tests don't test a teen's knowledge are wrong.

I personally took the CLAS test in the eighth grade, and I didn't have any problems with the questioning. In my opinion, these tests are much more interesting than the CTBS or the old CAP testing.

Let the state keep the test the way it is.



* It's sad to hear, but understandable, that some parents have chosen to combat the state CLAS tests.

After many in this generation have turned their children over to television and their peers, these parents are afraid that the public will find out how little parenting is going on in the home.

The schools don't have to give tests to discover this. The way many children dress and conduct themselves demonstrates parental guidance and control. The very first step a child takes into kindergarten is a mirror of family values and practices. One need go no further.



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