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Republicans and Working Women

July 20, 1994

* In response to Linda Hirshman's "Out of the GOP Big Tent, Back to the Kitchen" (Column Left, July 12): I agree with her contention that the GOP is undermining itself by failing to support its working women. However, Hirshman fails to illustrate that Mary Matalin and other working Republican women are part of the problem because they do not confront their own party politicos, fearing that they will be perceived as antagonistic.

Frankly, I do not see a problem, if the GOP wants to self-destruct, let it. Why should the public be concerned with saving the Republican Party, if the party itself is not concerned? Further, it's amusing when the party reveals its own Murphy Browns.


Los Angeles

* Goodness! With all the liberal lefties so preoccupied and concerned with the survival of the Republican Party of late, I feel it my duty to reassure them all that our party plans to remain viable for a very long time! I wish to begin by first correcting the scurrilous statements made by Prof. Hirshman, who in her newfound role as the designated "drive-by shooter" for the radical fringe of the women's movement, bemoaned the fact that Republican women are being denied equal rights by the so-called "radical right" movement dominating the GOP.

After reading the blatantly distorted and out-of-context statements and quotations, which she attributed to Marilyn Quayle, Phyllis Schlafly, Peggy Noonan, et al., one would have to be an idiot to subscribe to such an ideology. I can assure Hirshman that I am not an idiot! I am, however, a conservative, Republican professional woman who strives for a safe society, fiscal constraint, the teaching of the basics in our public schools, a non-socialistic country and true equality for all God's people regardless of one's gender, religious, racial or ethnic backgrounds.

Hopefully, the Democratic Party will muster the courage to rein in the radical elements of their party that women of Hirshman's ilk inflict on the mainstream.



* Oh, Pete, I was ready to vote to reelect you, even though I didn't agree with some things you stand for. I wanted a Republican in office. Why am I not voting for you now? Simple: 1) you are a closet liberal, 2) you are a religious left extremist, 3) you want to throw out the abortion issue from the Republican Party platform, 4) you have no regard for human life (July 13)! No, I am not a religious right extremist. I am someone who has high morals with regard to human life. You, Gov. Wilson, care more about your own comfort than the life of the unborn. You say the value of human life has no place in the Republican Party! That is why I am a Republican. They put a high value on human life.

If the party officially takes the abortion issue out of the platform I will be turning in my card, and I know others will follow.


Huntington Beach

* As a "born-again" Christian, it embarrasses me being associated in any way with the likes of Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell. These men give the impression that the Gospel message is one of hatred, anger and judgment, rather than one of love, acceptance and forgiveness.

The religious right crucified Jesus Christ. As long as these modern-day Pharisees exert such influence on the Republican Party, you can count on this Christian voter voting for the Democrats.


La Quinta

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